ACLAD prides itself on bringing your Architectural visions into reality.


ACLAD has manufactured and installed Four Hundred and Sixty-Five thousand plus square metres of aluminium composite panel and other facade materials, many of them “cutting edge technology” and new to the Australian market. That is why our company's product knowledge, performance and outstanding dedication make ACLAD a recognized leader in this field. Our product specifications and systems designs are based on sound engineering principles and are tested to perform under the most adverse environmental conditions.


At the same time, our company's engineering and manufacturing plant is a modern facility utilizing the latest in computer software and CNC equipment technology. In addition, our employees are dedicated to design excellence, fabrication, and application of our cladding systems. This allows us to constantly meet and exceed our client’s Architectural needs.


Aclad work with clients before works commence onsite to provide comprehensive support and guidance on costing, methodology and execution of projects. We provide site specific solutions based on client’s requirements and restrictions to ensure we offer the most efficient, cost effective solution for each project. Aclad provide consistent onsite management for each project to communicate with the team all information and provide support to resolve any unexpected issues that may occur throughout the project.




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